Monday, July 03, 2006

Totally knackered but feeling good! .. oops forgot one bit

They say that you should never do anything new before a marathon. Tell that to the germs that invaded my body! Friday at work... feeling a bit toasty. A bit sore. A bit of that thick and dizzy feel. No! Down! Back! Be gone! Friday afternoon we loaded up the car and headed for places warmer... for Mark's debut at a pacer and my tri-but at a marathon. I was so tired. I was sick. ...and as you can imagine, cranky. We went to the expo to get the gear and look around at toys and stuff. Expos and running stuff always cheers me up. Well hell... My number was 888. I can't NOT run because I had the best number ever! 888... neighbour of the beast. I had to run. And I also had to run as too many people knew I was doing the marathon. I knew if I didn't run because of illness, I'd be all better by Monday and would have just looked like a chicken. No. In the name of palindromic numbers and pretty numbers everywhere, I had to run. It was off to the mall across the street to Go Vita! for what I'd call a witch. Gimme a woman with naturopathic skills and I'll be happy. I got some tonic of echinacea, anise seed, and more bad tasting things. 3x a day I'd slam this down, grasp at my throat, gag, and swallow liters of water to relieve my pain. Mark and his son won Dumbasses of the Day with their "Oh C'mon Let Me Try" bit. Clearly I was just too girly and they were going to call me on it. I don't remember what our plans were later that day, I just remember that we were late, because Mark and boy-crouton were both gagging in the bathroom and sucking water from the tap. Yeah... listen to me! Mark and his kids left me in bed with my knitting and my Time Traveler's Wife. I rested like an 80 y.o. in a retirement village. All I was missing were ugly, but comfy, slippers and a stack of Readers' Digest. I don't know if it was the book, the napping, or the brew (watching the boys nearly die), but I woke up with out the sore throat and cough. I was stoked! I got out of bed with a spring in my step and then ....plantar fasciitis again. It has been niggling me. I refuse to say I have it. And all week I was getting better from my previous long run. I was being so careful. But I misstepped. Joy. I had to readjust my goals when I realized I was getting a cold. I wasn't going to switch races. The 21km race is just ugly. The 1st 21km of the full marathon takes you down the beach. The second 1/2 (actually from 26km on) it dog legs up through dull suburbs. The 21 only race takes you up there and a bit further. Eew. I'm going to run pretty races. I've got all 5 senses working and sight is key. New Goal! Run to the 1/2 way mark with a respectable 1/2 time. Anything beyond that is a bonus. If you're going to die and drop out, try to do so at the 26 km mark as it's where we pass the start/finish line. Oh, and poop before the race. On that last one. It's not that I love that topic, but I've yet to manage to run a race .... comfortably. In the last year, I picked up drinking coffee in the am just to get my body used to waking up and sending me into poo heaven just so I could be used to the ritual before a race. I'll have you know that I did it! I had my coffee at 5 and while I was bummed walking from our seedy motel to the start, because nothing was happening, I perked up, looked at my friend and said, "I gotta go back!" With a smile on my face I gave my legs a warm up and ran/limped back with cheeks clenched. It was also a good sign... My foot.... while I felt a shadow of pain, it wasn't too bad. There was hope. My only other times were 4:29 ish (1st marathon at GC 05) and 4:17ish in Cols. I know I could do 4:17 if I didn't have my loose patella and my foot bothering me. I never once made a run longer than 2:45 without this pain. And I never was able to run 2 days in a row for the last 2 months. So with only 1 long run a week and 2x 5km run in the city, I know I haven't trained for 4:17 . So I hung with the peeps at 4:30. BANG! Okay... here we go. I had been downdogging it and warrior posing it... I was at one with the race. I was not at one with the 4:30 people. It wasn't my natural gait. I left them to just do my own pace. I was just going for a happy 1/2. I was sure they'd pass me eventually. I really was okay with doing a 2ish hour 1st 1/2 and a 39847598 hour second. I was having a great time. People were cheering me on all over. They had no idea I was Katy. They called me pink pants, happy pants, pinky and more. Hey... knowing they're finding something on you and giving you a big cheer, makes a huge difference. If you click here and scroll down to Laurie Gordon, you'll have an idea of what I was wearing. I had the capri bottoms and a white top. I even had runners coming the other way telling me they loved my tights! Whoo hoo! sub 4:00 people huffing compliments at me. It was great. I was doing so well. I was right on a 4:17 pace. All I had to do was make it to the main area where the half way mat was. at 1:47 I was coming around a round about and the turning made me land on the bad side of my foot and pain shot right through from heel to tootsies. I couldn't walk. I've had this before. A bad turn on the foot and limping for days. No. Not going to happen until AFTER 21 km. I've worked on this visually. I know I cross the finish line. And I know I do it well. I don't know my time, but I do NOT hobble! It took about 5 steps to figure out how I'll land on my foot and then I started up again. After a few more meters, I stopped to readjust my laces to make my right shoe a little looser. And I was off again. Cautiously. I crossed the mat at 2:08.25... and would have been at 2:08.00 but I had to find out about France beating Brazil. It was 0-0 at the time of the gun. Cool! France won. I have happy thoughts in my head. I did a decent 1/2 (not what I'd want if I was just running a half, but what I'd want for a half with more to go). At 3:00 I realized I had no pain. None. Okay, I took Ibuprofen before the race and at the 25 km mark. But it was OTC and I was AOK! And still didn't have to do a wee or a poo. Checking those goals off one at a time! All in all, it was a great race until 34-38 km. By GREAT I mean I was passing people and my silhouette said that I was not stumbling. I was running still. However, at 34km, I was feeling a lot of pain in my lower back. I moved my gel pocket from the center of my back to my side and that helped, but I had to take some time to stretch it. At 38 km my knee decided that it was done. Please stop. I'm over it. As they don't give out finisher's knee pads, what reason so I have to go on? Please stop this nonsense now, Katy! So I bargained. I'll walk 60 seconds at the water stations, but you will finish. I've seen the prosthetics, you're not totally necessary! Don't make me slap you! My knee knows when to hold 'em, knows when to fold 'em. Knows when to walk away, and most importantly, knows when to RUN! And run we did. When I passed the 42 km mark and had .198 to go, I knew I could book it. Always have. Where it comes from, I never know, but I have always found the anaerobic stores for sprinting the last bit in and I feel nothing. I surely didn't feel guilt passing the blind woman and her guide (oh c'mon! she didn't see me!). I even passed two people just meters before the beeeeeep of the chip. And do you know why?!??! Because as luck would have it, I got to finish to Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries! (Depending on your age, that's either from Apocalypse Now or Kill the Wabbit!) Whoo hoo! I did it. I killed the wace wabbit and wan my widdle wump off! 4:25.13. Not my PB but better than last year's of 4:29ish! And I felt great. My muscles didn't feel tired like they did in my other two marathons. I really feel that if I can figure out the knee problem and the foot thing, I could do 4:10 with proper training... as in running more than 3 days a week. My 5km splits were hardly worthy of the U.S. gymnastics team but those girls scare me. These splits don't merit 10s, but they don't show off prepubescent camel toes either... 5 - 30.40.41 10 - 29.59.55 15 - 30.11.64 20 - 30.40.97 25* - 32.13.03 (probably 31 ish) 30* - 31.12.48 (probably late 31 ish. I like my ish) 35 - 32.52.08 40 - 33.20.97 end - 4:25.13 (outgoing 1/2 2:08.25; incoming 1/2 2:16.48) * I realized I had forgotten to hit the split time after 25, so that's a bit longer than it is and 30 is a bit shorter. I think I can get my 2nd half stronger as I get my weekly kms up, but until I build up the muscle around my knee, that isn't going to happen. Mark did well. He'll blog it, so I don't want to steal his thunder, but... he did well as a debut pacer. My favorite part of the race? Well, I have to say seeing that guy with his family jewels hanging below his shorts. I think the makers of running shorts need to make sure that if you have dark shorts, the built-in undies need to be dark. Seeing a white sack hanging low below dark shorts is a bit distracting. Ha! Made my day. Unlike the guy who stopped suddenly, got down, spread his legs into the splits, and stretched before getting up again. My groin had sympathy pain for a least another 10 minutes. He was one of the many Japanese runners. I love them! They run to have fun. I saw Hello Kitty hats, fun outfits, amazing gymnastic stretches and always a lot of support for each other. ....I want that Hello Kitty hat! Okay, it's nap time. I called in sick from work. Ciao! p.s. I looked up Scott's cyber shorts and learned how to get my blog more colorful. While there, I wrote "Katy was here 3 July 2006." Shhhh!

Oh my word! What an awesome race! Congratulations!
I cannot even get past the fact that you run 21KM and think it's normal. I run 3miles on a good day on a treadmill and think of myself as some bionic woman. Hummm...way to make me rethink my goals. :) Good blog!
Great race report Katy! I'm so happy for you that you were able to push through to finish and that sickness did not prevent you from running. It's encouraging to read of others who have figured out that it is possible to run through the pain and the emotions telling you to stop.

Where did you write "Katy was here..." on my blog?
Great job on the race! Hope your knee and foot heal up for you!

I just cannot picture you in those tights. We need pics!
Great race! You are hilarious! I love reading about your adventures, keep them coming.
That was one of the best racing reports Katy...good job toughing it out! Great attitude. I'm with photos!
scott... i looked up your cyber shorts. so it's on your cyber tushy. right cheek.
from all the signs leading into the race, your finish is just sensational!!! all the pain and injuries, getting sick with a day to go and doubt with only a couple weeks away of even getting to the start line, had me surprised, in the delighted sort of way, when you came into the finishing area. i'm so proud of you and absolutely estatic for you
Great job Katy! You had me worried leading up to the race that there might be trouble, but you kept it all at bay and even beat last years time. Get some rest and recuperate now.
Yea! You did it and with typical "Katy the Greaty" spirit! We are so proud of you and your ability to focus on your goals and visualize success. Way to use your mental skills!
I was really hoping to meet you on the weekend, but ended up just making some inane, groupie "love your pants" comment from the cheersquad.

Great race!!!
aw... cirque.... i was looking around for the cheer that might indicate that i knew them... in a cyber sort of knowing.

those comments are not inane. they truly do get you through. next time!
Great job, great run, great time! New adventures are coming.
Great race! I can't believe that guy did the splits. And I don't really wanna think about the other guy. Did you seriously not run 2 days in a row while your were training, and then run a marathon in that time? That's truly amazing.
Hope your 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 senses are not working overtime trying to taste the difference tween a lemon and a lime?

Your race number and my time both palindromes. As well, I came 66 th in my category and my race number was my birthday month (11) and day (22).
quote"Seeing a white sack hanging low below dark shorts is a bit distracting. Ha! Made my day"

need i have to say what "seeing a white sack low below" could mean in german?? Lovely !! Your stories are always worthwhile and big fun to read ! Everyone's a winner baby that's the truth - keep up your good running! My support is guaranteed! M. from G.
Ride of the Valkyries! (Depending on your age, that's either from Apocalypse Now or Kill the Wabbit!)

sorry! but that sound is timeless. a flawed gem dusted down by Richard Wagner. My favourite singer in this is Jessie Normann !!
I'm out, M.
Even if you DO hate toast!
That's fabulous Katy. The gymnasts scare me too.
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