Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gonna do me some squats... pass the tuna.

I'm taking some time off. I made the promise and I will stick to it... sort of. I'll eek into shorter runs next week and keep my "long" runs to 40-60 minutes max and I'll keep it infrequent. I have to rest and while I do, I'll build up those leg muscles. I was thinking about finding a university with a decent gym or a Y or any place that doesn't remind me of White Goodman's gym (Dodge Ball). I can't justify the expense of a gym to really use a few machines. I do squats against a wall here, but I'm not satisfied. They don't do squat. OH I CRACK ME UP! And I could do lunges and bends and all sorts of things. I'll pass on the bi-dental fish lift as seen in the video above. Now I have to go; my dog just farted.

I have decided that this is the way we will be serving dinner from now on. I just have to find some japanese commentators.
Won't our parents be surprised when they come to stay!!!!
Okay, why did you just make me watch that video? I could be studying, but instead I have watched 5 minutes worth of cats grabbing fish off a plate while Japanese men commentate. Amazing!
That was AWESOME! You just provided 10 minutes of hilarious family entertainment for us! I'm serious - even the kids crowded around the computer and asked if we could watch it again.
Thanks. Now I have a cat in therapy.
my small parrot /rest in peace)used to eat cooked eggs...isn't that even more disturbing?
Ummmm sushi.
Ditto what Rob said....

Yeah you got me pegged just like Dominic will....hook line and sinker! LOL.
Why do I find this video so fascinating?
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