Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm so behind on my blogging it boggles the blogger.

I've been trying to get the story out into cyberspace of how I met the marathon running god seen above. I've also been trying to run without pain (oh funny!), doing yoga without pain (not as funny, but nearly as painful), and continuing with my French (no pain, lots of fun, sadly no finisher's shirt). We've realized we've reached over 20 foster dogs (Jonesy above giving running advice... less curry) and had to catch up on the dogblog. I had a friend over for 2 weeks and am behind on publishing that blog (the homesick blog). And then to top it all off, work keeps me busy and tired. Where is a slacker with 66 wpm to find the time to blog? I've even had dreams about bloggers. I am not behind on reading blogs though. Nice thing about being married to a fellow cyber geek, is that he'll read some out to me. Unfortunately my comments then are oral. But it does help for him to read them out to me while I do the dishes or squeeze the blackheads from a dog's chest. Here you can see him blogging while icing a boo boo. To be sure, I'll be up to date soon. I'm flooded with internal notes on my tangents and dreams. I even had a dream about blogger Scott. He had a very talented and flexible squirrel that he taught to do weird poses (yoga influences?). This blogger worries about his weight a lot and in the dream I only saw bits of his hand, arm and shoulder (it was a video posted on his site just of his squirrel) and thought he didn't look fat. Does this mean I blog too much or I am sending a message saying I'm behind? Would anyone advise me on how to put links up on the side? I did it once and forgot how. Help me, Obiwan! (okay, had to redo my template and start over. thanks to view source, selecting and pasting, i'm working my way through fixing this one. one step at a time. needle noses will have to wait.)

you are too cute. if someone doesn't get here first you can hold me to helping out with side links when i get back from the wedding tomorrow.
I could tell you the hard way to do it, but there is an easier way involving bloglines. I had help on mine, so don't remember how to initiate it. I'm sure some kind soul out there will be willing to assist you.... sorry charlie.
Wow - one of the funniest women in cyberspace (who happens to live on the other side of the world) reads my blog; dreams about me teaching yoga to a fat squirrel and then posts a link on her blog back to my blog....

It's a small world after all!
hey! don't make me hunt you down . . . don't you dream about me???? where's the rest of our story? should i be worried about a grown man with those slippers on? his feet look huge! i think i ate some bad shrimp and am hallucinating . . . hopefully it won't be as bad as the time i had eboli . . . oh my, was that ever bad.
EBOLA! see i'm sick already.
Lovely pictures - especially the slippers! Your blogs are hilarious - they always make me laugh. I think I might dream about squirrels tonight.
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