Monday, May 08, 2006

Scary commuting dreams and bad songs

I don't know. Could have been that Mark's choice for DVD rental was Wolf Creek. He hates how I squirm in scary movies or stressful shows (had to be sedated to watch Frasier) and he chooses Wolf Creek?!?! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad. I like scary movies or some... but I get scared. THAT'S THE POINT! So I went to bed a little scared. Watching "The Making of..." helps me to detox... takes some of the mystery out. Good before I go to bed, but still. I think I was too jacked up to properly sleep. I had this dream where work was now moved for a few weeks. I was to ride my bike to work like normal, but then follow Paul (previously mentioned co-worker with no fear of traffic) to the new place. Fine. But that was before I had to follow him up and down curbs (kerbs here) and then through inner city subterranean food courts. Paul always looked like he was going smoothly on a ramp, but when I got there, STEPS. No way was I going down lots of steps on a bike. Not without my stunt double. So then I had to get off and carry the bike, which turned out more precarious as I was wearing rubber slippers. What? We make it to work all nasty and sweaty and there are no showers. The new office, when I think about it, is like the creepy abandoned mine slash torture zone from Wolf Creek. (shivers) Less scary, but more painful was yestiddy's run. I had to do 2 hours. Yeah, had to. I did two circuits of a large loop that takes me along the river as it bends around a pocket. Rich and old suburbs, so the houses (not the people) were visually stimulating. My shins caused me no pain, and I was really tickled about that. Until 48 minutes when I was going down a small hill and my right knee decided that I was too happy. Intermitent, but always there.... lurking... waiting to remind me that I had nerve endings. Well, I made it. At 2 hours I thought, "It's not far to the car, I'll just keep running." At 2:01 my knee said, "that's bewl sheet!" and walk to the put-in I did. Not quite an ice bath, but cool enough. Then... Because I'm a good person and the cosmos loves me.... Right by my car was the ice cream truck! So there I sat, with ice packs on my shins (just in case), knee, and outer thigh, eating a raspberry popsicle. I did collect a 3 L bottle of Coke. I hate to see the rubbish along the way, and every day for the last 2 weeks, I've made a point of collecting what can be recycled and taking it home. I was worried that I'd forget after 2 hours, but there was an empty 3L bottle. Who needs that much Coke in a sitting? I had a hard time thinking while I ran. Couldn't get three songs from rotating in my mental juke box and I don't even like these... Thriller by Michael Jackson (I have NEVER owned one of his albums), and that song that goes "ooooo oooh child things are gonna get easier, ooo oooh child things will get brighter... some day (some day) we'll get it together and we'll get it undone" and then "i'm not talking 'bout movin' in, and I don't wanna change your life, but there's a warm wind blowin' the stars around and I'd really love to see you tonight." WHERE DID THOSE COME FROM!? And I couldn't shake them. I'd think... Why am I singing X?! Well, at least it's not Y like at 50 minutes.... then Y would be stuck in my head and I'd be grateful it wasn't Z. And so the cycle continued. At least I didn't have bad songs for A-W. I'd be committed by now.

Wolf Creek was... yawn... not scarey. I did get PTSD from The Hills Have Eyes though! But there were other mitigating circumstances involved in that evening.

What is it about pushing through physical barriers that makes crazy songs play in one's head?? I hear it time and time again. Very odd.
You've been doing all this writing and I've been missing out....

Yeah - I admit Garmin boy is Hot!
I'm not sure which one to be more proud of you for ... the 2 hours or Wolf Creek .... it's a toss up!
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