Monday, May 15, 2006

Posting from Cairns

I shouldn't be doing this. I've done no athletic anything since I've been here. But Bella's post on her shinnies and ITBeeties tells me that just chillin' will be good. But this is a quick post. We're at an internet cafe as it rains (again) today. I'm not sure my keyboard isn't really an agar dish loaded with more microscopic critters than a bucket of the Ganges. I am also not totally sure that those weird smudges on my screen aren't boogers from some backpacker from Doodledekk Finland. I can tell you that I'm faithfully taking notes of my dreams and other things. I'll probably post on my blog, but I'll link it up here. Let's just say that there's a big tale involving a bit of tinkle in the pannies (I don't say panties... I just can't) due to uncontrolable laughter in a place that requests "behaviour stickers" at the front desk. So, yes, the weather hasn't been great for going to the beach, but we've been to the rainforest (always good when there's rain) and the Atherton Table Landth. Tomorrow we're hitting Green Island. I was last there as a 15 year old. Wheeee! bye. time to wash my hands in bleach! k p.s. since i met my hubby on the internet, he broke my face in 3 days of knowing him, we had to bribe the mexican police to get out of mexico... would anyone want the real story? i've been told to document this. i'm just not sure.

I would def like to know how you and your hubby met and all of your crazy excapades together! You seem like such a fun couple!
be careful what you wish for .....
he broke your face? I'm confused. Tell the story!! Tell, Tell, Tell!!!!
I'd love to hear that story again! I loved the "in person" account after it happened.
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