Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm a mutant!

And durned proud of it, thank you very much, love your hair, hope you win! They've measured my legs and there's not one, but two 2 cm difference. 'Splains a lot, Loooocy. And it also seems I'm tighter in front, too. Tight hammies, tight baby cows, and now, one leg with tight quads. I don't really appreciate asymmetry in my own body. Okay with Picasso, and in some faces, it's cute quirky; however, I'm not overly keen on it if it's causing pain for me. Oh, and my right patella is a slut. I think the sports GP said "loose", but we all know the truth, don't we. Could this be from where I was running and dreaming and then later falling on the rocks on the side of the river? I remember that being a real bang up on the right side. I also remember that I cut a lovely scratch in my iPod (dopi backwards). Like Final Destination, the iPod cheated death then and death tried to come back when I dropped it on the treadmill and watched then rocket back to the wall behind me. That killed the screen, but not the willingness to play. Blind, but not dead. Death came later when I lost it at the airport. You can't cheat gadget death. Anyway, I learned how to tape up my knee. If I do that, I'll have to get pretty markers to decorate it. Knee tats. Anyway, I have about 93798478938 cm of felt under one heel. I am thinking of running with the right member of these with my normal novizio bilancio shoes. I'm sure the bunny will command respect at races. Okay, Mary and I are off to Cairns tomorrow. Mark is making me pack (hear the whip crack).... mean old coot! And between packing and sleeping, I have an assortment of stretches to do... this is NOT including the piece de la resistance ... Les Splits. I may be strung tighter than a Fender, but I'm determined.

I often wonder if my legs are different lengths...Do you just stick an insert in your shoe or something to fix it?
my podiatrist just puts a few layers of felt (3/4 cm-ish) under the insert. that's worked before but now he's doing more. and he said that as far as he's concerned, no need for orthotics ($$$) if coming in every 3-4 months for felt works. the doc visit isn't pricey for that. i have felt inserts for all my main shoes except for my Keens. i'm in love with my Keens.
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We all have one leg shorter than the other... they don't grow in perfect symmetry. As for your tight muscles, stay tuned for my next post. It's all kinds a science geeky regarding flexibility! :)
i'll give you coot!
Roaring with laughter about the Ipod..

Years and years ago, I lived with some Aussies in England and I so miss their sense of humour... we were always busting a gut laughing.
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