Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Haven't thought too much lately

Mark paced me during my 3km time trial. My only thoughts were along the line of changing my fitness regime to include more pillows. Tomorrow is my mid-week long run. I'm up to an hour now. Whoo hoo! There'll be plenty of tangents! And we bought a book by Julia Thorn on nice runs around Australia, so my 2hr run on the weekend will be something new. I bore easily. But at the end of these runs, I have this to look forward to.... Musings of a Texan in Oz: When one of us suffers, we all suffer!.... my husband says he loves me, I'm not so sure.... I sense he enjoys this a bit too much. This post is under all of my blogs, as it is the first to unite....greyhounds, running, and domestic bliss here in Oz. I apologize in advance for repeats. Oh jeez. He's home now. I gotta set up the torture mat again. Maybe if I'm really quiet, he won't notice I'm here.....

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