Monday, May 01, 2006

The great equalizer!

Yestiddy my lervemunkee ran the Brisbane Marathon. I couldn't cheer him on as I volunteered as a back up timer. Basically, I was at the finish line for 6 hours tink tink tinking as the finishers crossed. There were 4 of us with these timers that had paper tape. As one tinked, the printer printed out the time. We'd tink for 100 runners then walk with #100, pull his/her tag, go to the tag collecters and say this is 100. They'd band up the numbers and then the timer would wait in line for the next time to tink. I've always felt the finish line is the big equalizer. I don't care if you come in at 3:10 or 5:10, after 42.128kms/26.2 miles, you're pretty much looking dead. Even the strong finishers look the same. If you finish strong at 3:10 you're looking no better or stronger than those that finish strong after 2 more hours. It is really quite amazing, and it's a reminder to all those who praise only the speedy, that everyone who has finished has run their own amazing race. Perhaps the pacers are the exception, but how many are those in a race, really... They have a big enough job to remember not to run their PB but to get hopefuls to the next time chunk. So they're a special exception, not a lazy one, of course. I wish more people who finished would remember that those coming in after them have run just as far and really just as hard. Not as fast, obviously, but no less effort. They were even running for longer! Sure, you whooped my lily white tuchas by an hour, but I'm ran for longer. Yea me, gimme a cookie! It reminds me of why the Olympics should be watched on mute. To the announcers, the winners are the ones who want it more. Clearly the chaps in the back of the heap with less funding or smaller stride thanks to genetics don't really want to win. Pfff. I'd think those who never believe they have a chance against the big guys want it even more. Look at the last person in the heat, tell me they're not as exhausted, spent, worn out as #1. And hey, wouldn't it be harder to run/swim/hurdle when you see you're dead last? And wouldn't you want to win, beating well financed countries, run around the track saying "In your face, U.S.A./Australia/Germany... You show Ecuador/Suriname/Bangladesh some respect!" I can say I've watched #1 and #dead last come in and I must say, I'm impressed more by the middle to end of the pack. I respect the leaders, but they don't impress me. Look at their bodies! They're meant to run. I have retired greyhounds. People at the dog park are in awe when they run. Why?! They're genetically built for speed. When I see a Jack Russell terrier book it, then I'm impressed. Or a portly dachshund dragging his belly as he sprints to chase the greyhound. That's something to admire. I love my dogs, but they don't impress me because they are fast. Same with those who come in first with these body types: I respect them very much, but hey... come in with some meat on your bones and I'm screaming like a cheerleader who's won the spirit stick (ohmigawd!) I'm loving these bodies: These body types demand my praise. The normals! Last night I did dream that Mark wanted me to run the 10K. There were only 10 runners and I knew I'd be last. I was also dressed in jeans and some hideous 80s top and no shoes. It was stinking hot, but he wanted me to run. So I started off and about 20 meters into it, I thought... screw this! I stopped my run, lay down and fell asleep in the middle of the course. I also had a dream where I was in far northern Canada and created my own sport... sled polo! I love dreaming!

great post. I totally agree. Hope you had fun volunteering!
I did have fun. I was excited that I got to tink when Mark came through. It went like this... YEA, GO MARK! WHOO HOO!... tink... keep going...don't stop... tink... tink...
Damn blogger bastards wouldn't let me post yesterday... any who....

Nice job volunteering! I wish I had been running there, if only to be called "normal" by you... I'm usually referred to as Abbie Normal. ;P
I've always felt the same way. I've had two rules or musings about running: one, I always respect and admire whoever is out there, simply because they are out there--the body types of those who run are amazing. Amazing. And, two, what other sport exists where you can participate in the same event as world class athletes?

Though I was beaten by a guy dressed up as a tree in a race one time. Not sure I felt he should be out there. Harumph.
and how many sports give you bloody nipples?! not curling!
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