Friday, May 05, 2006

Che, fear, and new goals set for mid 2006!

I look like Che Guevara when I cycle. I could also say I look like most honky grid iron players from the 70s, but that doesn't sound as edgy. I took this photo on Thursday, yestiddy. Sort of look like Golden Richards. Or was it Sterling? vs. Imagine this lovely park at night. No lights. I am coming in from the left and what you might not realize is that the path veers every so lightly so that I start to face the on coming cars. Not for long, but long enough to blind me, cause me to curse and then ride wobbly as I dodge the enormous white light spots that dance in front of me. Today I was supposed to ride home at 5, but people were heading to a bar and I said sure. Why not? My plan was to walk the bike to the pub. It's only 3 city blocks away. I don't ride in the city. I don't know why, I've never tried it. I'll do the bike path, but the CBD (downtown, central bidniss district) is a place for cars and pedestrians, me thoughts. The co-worker gets his bike and mounts it. "You're going to ride there?" "Yeah." "....okay..." (I think.) Up the sidewalk we go (yes, I can do this) Then we cross the street (yes, to the next sidewalk) But Paul, commuting since he was fetal, does not get to the other side. He turns and goes down the STREET! This is Friday around 5:30 pm. No one would be on the road wanting to either get home or get loaded. So this chicken didn't get to cross the road, I trailed him. (I'm doing it, I'm coping, I'm following the dubious leader) .... It's segue time (can't touch this). .... You know I knit, right? Sure. Made all sorts of things last year for my friends' holiday presents. Made a yoga mat bag. Made this: Just finished my yoga socks. working on something to keep me warm in these chilly subtropical nights. I LOVE to knit. Bought a spinning wheel and drop spindle and want to learn to spin. I do not want to know how to WEAVE! NO WEAVING! Not one of my interests. .... But Co-Worker Paul is weaving in and out of these cars. Granted the cars aren't moving much ... at all, but I see angry commuters who already hate cyclists. Those bumpers could make my shin splints split! I kept up the best I could, but then gave up one block short of the pub. While I was waiting for Mr GreenManWalking to make his appearance, I thought about fear and poop. Usually, when I get scared, I think, "Scare the sh*t out of me" or "I nearly crapped myself." Basically, sudden poopin'. However, tonight I was given a memo from my bowels informing me that there'll be no exiting of anything for the next 3 weeks. Why? Why not sudden exiting? Sudden fear = immediate problems. Fear in duration = no need to stock up on toilet paper anytime soon. Left the pub after one soda (yeah, I make no one proud) and thought about riding home... I could do it. I'll walk to the park and then ride the path slowly. I can do it. I big girl now. But nah... I'm tired and I have stuff to read. Let's ride. Good thing. When I got of the train to ride just the length of one street, I notice that my rechargable batteries in my headlamp are dead. I missed riding 36 minutes in the dark. Aw... breaks my heart! NEW GOALS FOR 2006... January as goal-setting month is so passé. I supposed to be stretching my calves and hammies. Why stop there?! I'll never be a fast runner. I won't be running in Boston unless someone takes my bag. I need different goals. Why just stop at being more limber. I want to do the splits. I never could, but I decided that if an old guy can do the splits nude on ice, I could, too, fully clothed in the comfort of my own home. Now I gotta go. Someone has some stretching to do! See you at Nadia's house!

So glad you made it home. I know you are a big girl but dodging through the CBD on a Friday evening with everyone heading for a night out or to get away for the weekend.

But you're home.
I've never been able to do splits either.
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