Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Been lax, that's the facts, my husband wears funny slacks

The vicious hairy Mary is gone and I'm in a funk. To top it off, I'm not well in the head. No, really. Migraines. Totally robbed me of sleep last night. No sleep = no dreams. 4 Issues I'm having.... 1) Body image. Always have struggled with it (was 80-85 pounds as a 17 year old) but to see an old photo from my early 20s with a rockhardandflat tummy... and a face with no wrinkles. It was as if I've aged since then. I'm really not happy about it. Glad I'm not the idiot of yesteryear, but not too keen that the idiots get the youthful appearance. And before you blabber on about "oh no, you look fine" I have been accused of being preggers. Okay, fine if I were, but it's not good when i'm not! I'm naming my kid Gutface Lardass Cashew (a combination of Lervemunkee's and my last names). 2) Immigrant homesickness. 3) My legs hate me 4) Litter Good things that make waking up great.... 1) My lervemunkee. He took care of me when I was whimpering with a migraine. See, I don't get these. They're new to me. Now I know that coffee helps, but I'm allergic. I get the itchy nose thing that makes me look like I'm booger obsessed and I cough. Coughing and rubbing the face... there's a look! Beats the migraine though. 2) My pets love me. 3) I'm 38 and can still crack up with my friend and do a wee bit of tinkle in the undies. Yeah... two words... foam cave. More on that later. 4) can't think of a 4th. Blogging would be easier if it was an acceptable thing to do at work. Gotta go. I've got icy feet and a warm husband. It's like marital Reece's Peanut Butter Cups!

My husband always likes to sneak up on me and my warm tummy with his frosty hands! Scares the bejeezus out of me everytime!
i didn't think men suffered from that. i know i'm the "ice wench commeth."
and why are kidneys so cold sensitive? and if they have these issues, why be so close to the skin?!?!?
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