Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bad Dream, Bike Path, Bus Ride

Dream: I was going to the movies alone. It was a small movie theatre. Influenced by the upstairs theatres from the Inwood Theatre in Dallas. 10 rows, perhaps 15-20 seats across. Plenty of space for me, but no one was going to let me pass over them and they made fun of me for being solo. One guy kicked my shins 3 times. Others laughed. I tonked his face. Not slapped, just flat palmed him on his nose and forehead...tonk! The others were in a snit about that. 3 kicks of a shin?!?! I tried to reason, they didn't see it my way. I made it over to a guy who let me sit by him as he felt sorry for me. He called his friend on the phone and gave it to me. It was shin kicker apologizing to me, I also apologized. Everyone thought he was good, but I was just scorned. Then a group of 6 came and I realized nice guy was just letting me sit there until his friends came. I was asked to leave and I did. I was tripped and poked all the way to the parking lot. It was not a happy dream. The shin kicker was Roger Federer. Baroo? Where did I get him? Bike Path: I'm not pleased. First off, I realize that my silhouette with my helmet makes me look like Che. And then I got the theme from Three's Company stuck in my head and I couldn't figure out that line at the very end... Dondo Don Allay Vu? Was it French? Allez vous? I was stuck wondering that for at least 10 minutes. And I couldn't remember all the lines.... and I didn't want to be humming this... and I then started thinking about Chrissy Snow's terry cloth shorts. It was a long commute! (As it turns out, the lines is something like "Down at our rendez vous." Hey, I got some French in there! Only had to listen to this crud 38454397 times). And then there are the other riders... See, there are no rules on the bike path other than ride on the left. People race past you, don't ding the bell to pedestrians (it's really a shared, not a bike only path) or the pokey riders. If I'm getting to work at 7:30 and showered and up by 8 and they're passing me, these people are being rude to be at work before then. Hey, I'm not clipped in... Just one wee muscle spasm on the right leg and you'll be thinking twice about passing me with 2 cm between our knees. I'm also not really pleased with the woman who doesn't say "good morning" back when I say it to her. My delayed "or not" has become a bit louder... OR NOT! I'm this close >< to adding... ", YOU OILY, CHEESE-FACED MOLE!" It's only because I like moles that I don't. Bus Ride: After work I had a physio appointment to zap my shin splints. The bike path is pretty dark and while I don't believe in the Bogey Man, I do believe in wasted youth and thugs. The bike stayed in the cage and I took the bus home. I forgot to pack a book to read and was left with my own feeble mind to keep me entertained. There were two young women in front of me. One had her nose in her China travel brochure and the other had her ear to her mobile. She'd get off the phone, chat with friend and then have to call another person again. Was she that desperate to talk to someone? Anyone? She couldn't not talk. If no one answered, she called another person. PLEASE TALK TO ME! SILENCE ISN'T GOLDEN, IT'S TIN FOIL ON MY TEETH. ... She's missing out. I was wondering if she ever had tangents. I was having a great chain of them.... I was noticing I could look into the cars that were next to us... Tangent: that creepy guy who coasted next to our high school x-c team and ... pleasured himself and then that led to remembering another time I was in a high set car and saw a guy cruise around masturbating. Tangents... make me think of my math teacher, Dr. Currier, who visited me every other day when I was in the hospital barely weighing 80 pounds so that when and if (and I did) get out, I'd not be behind and would graduate on time. I drift back to the young woman with the China travel guide and think of the guy at work who is all excited about his trip to Greece. But he tells me, "I won't eat wog food." (wog is derogatory for anyone of Mediterranean descent here in OZ). He continues, "When I travel, I only eat at McDonald's, Burger King, or KFC." He'll be going to Greece for 3 weeks and not even have dolmas. And what kills me is that everyone will assume he's American. There were more tangents... I was just skimming off one thought bubble to the next. It was beautiful. When I got off, I collected a plastic coke bottle at the bus stop. I wondered if tangents were only good if you thought them. That if I actually vocalized them, I'd be a nutter. Are people who mumble to themselves just really setting their tangents to memory? If I vocalize, I remember better... Should I do that so I can remember what to write? Is it worth tarnishing my stunning reputation as queen of the sane to commit a few more thoughts to memory? Tomorrow will be a better day! 7am podiatrist appointment, so I'm on the train by 6 am.. AY EM!... my armor against society? I'll be packing my book! Back off, I'm reading! Mr Podiatrist is going to make my foot better and all my pain will go away, right Aunty Em?

Come knock on our door...
We'll be waitin' for you...
Where the kisses are hers and hers and his...
Three's Company, too!

OMG... Hello, my name is Tammy, and I am a dork. Am I at the right meeting?
Interesting bus ride.

Last night I wore headphones while running and started singing aloud to keep my pace slow. I thought of you as I started rocking out to Rammstein.

I didn't hang my tongue out but I think I did frighten a few neighbors.

Aaack i use the term wog for walk/jog. I think I will have to come up with a different term now!
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